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Your data is protected

One advantage of the AntePAY Card is that your privacy is taken seriously and protected. You do not have to give any personal information about yourself to make payments. Pay simply by entering the information on your AntePAY Card.

Pay easily, quickly and securely with no fees

The AntePAY Card can be obtained from various sales outlets with cash, credit or debit cards or from the AntePAY web shop. The value of an AntePAY Card is between 5 and 250 francs – never higher. Also, no fees are charged for your payment.

Enjoy the range of card designs

Pick a special card design and express your emotions. You can also give them as a gift to friends, family or a very special person.

With AntePAY and PC Direkt Systems you will always be on the safe side when paying online. Choose a design right away and get shopping!

The AntePAY Card - The modern payment card

You want to make your loved ones happy and don't know what to give them? AntePAY has Partnershops in almost every imaginable field. Whether it's fishing, sports or lifestyle: Just visit our shop and form your own opinion.
The AntePAY Card is not only a great gift, it also protects your privacy. When paying with AntePAY it is not necessary to reveal your personal and sensitive data.

AntePAY is a leading partner of FC Zurich

AntePAY promotes top-class sport and is the proud main sponsor of FC Zurich.